Once again, the alarm didn’t quire go off on time, so I was scrambling at the start. The hotel buffet breakfasts have been diminishing since Texas and Arkansas, so all I could grab on my way to the ride was a banana. There were donuts and scones at the start, but no coffee. No coffee.

Still, 400+ riders did show up for a good cause!


Once again, I was off to a good start until I tried to go into the big ring and dropped the chain. By an hour in, I was bonking hard. Time for the Bonk Breaker! It helped, as did some air in my tires at the first rest stop.

(ps ride organizers, 1st rest stop at Mile 24?)

Realizing that I wasn’t going to get to my goal of a 4-hour metric, I decided to get the picture of the beautiful purple trees I’d been seeing for days. They were these lone bursts of color, usually against a barren backdrop, like this: