Having motive and opportunity, I decided to ride the Pretty Girly Bike to meet with a student this afternoon.

I wish the motorists on Fountain didn’t get so angry when cyclists interfere with driving 50 in a 35 zone. It would be nice if the “sharrows” the City of West Hollywood painted and the “Share the Road” signs didn’t seem to prompt motorists to yell, “get off the road” at cyclists or drive perilously close when passing. I wonder if they feel like jerks when I catch up to them at the lights – because it doesn’t matter how fast they go, the lights are timed. They probably just hate me more.

On the way home, I decided to stick to Santa Monica Boulevard as far as possible, even though that meant abandoning the bike lane for the sidewalk around City Hall. Biking through WeHo on a Sunday afternoon – the overlap between late brunch and cocktail hour – is always hazardous. Add that it’s 4/20 and a lot of self-medicating is going on. Every storefront had an interesting aroma emanating. Now add in dog-walking, people using the bike lane as the loading/unloading zone, and a few really angry homeless people…

If the pretty girly bike were faster, I might have braved the street and taken the lane, but angry impaired motorists have the potential to do more damage than a skateboard or scooter or grocery cart.

A pretty nerve-wracking day out there. I was happy to be out there on the bike, but I am grateful to have made it home safely.