The time has come. My beloved entry-level Shimano WR-41 shoes are on their last legs.


I learned how to ride with clipless pedals on these, I’ve soaked them to the core from Palm Desert to Long Island, from Seward to Mobile. They even survived an overnight dunking in a gallon of white vinegar, followed by a box of baking soda apiece. (Thanks to friends of new GCI Relay friends for that mold-removing solution!)

But my pretty girly bike and my sexy beast road bike apparently hooked up when I wasn’t looking, and the new bike I was promised for my 50th birthday arrived just in time for Easter:


Pretty! Girly! Sexy! Beast!

I need new bike shoes, and I’m not ashamed to say that I’d like them to color-coordinate with the new bike:


Yes, I deliberately wore a skirt that matched the bike when I went into the shop to pick it up.


Clearly, I can handle the color-coordination part. Here’s where I need your guidance: my feet are challenging.

1. My feet are fat. Wide. Big balls.
2. My arches are high. Like, Harold and Kumar high. Like, you can putt a golf ball in there.
3. Corollary to #2: my insteps are high. They seriously limit my boot and sandal options.

I’m a US 7.5-8, which puts me between Euro 38 and 39. I tried on the Giros (see above) in a 38 and that was a Cinderella stepsister experience, but it was my insteps that killed those for me.

I haven’t had any fit issues with the Shimanos. Stick with them? What else should I try? Please comment below:

No, attaching the speedplay clips to these is not an option. IMG_3651