The odometer kicked over today, and I didn’t make it to all 50 states. I did get 2/3 of the way there, and I can see the finish line from here.











I’m 51, I rode 4239 miles in 34 states, and I’m still rolling.

Look, it’s a Strava Heatmap:

What’s up next?

Finish the Ride, tomorrow:

Cycle Against Violence: (Colorado)

Tour de Cure: (Minnesota and North Dakota)

Climate Ride Midwest: (Michigan, Indiana, Illinois)

I’m trying to put together a team for (South Dakota) – Please leave a comment if you want to join me!

I’m still plotting how to hit Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virgnia, North Carolina, and Florida. Most are adjacent to other plans. Some (Oklahoma, Florida, North Carolina) are already isolated on the map. Any suggestions about best charity rides in those states would be greatly appreciated. I really want to knock off Pennsylvania on the GAP Trail, for what reasons I’m not sure.

Last year, my beloved promised me two things for my birthday: a new bike and a bike trip. He donated a lot of money at a charity auction for last fall, so not only do I have a (not-so-gently-used in the Giro Rosa) bike, but other kids are going to get to learn how to ride bikes:

We decided to postpone the bike trip, but I’m already looking past the finish line of this endeavor and hoping to ride Trois Etapes in 2015.

Keep rolling!