In the interest of mixing it up – and because Franklin has a lot of up and down and very little automobile traffic – I headed over to Beverly Hills to do today’s climbing. Nichols has lots of open houses on the weekend, and those drivers really aren’t prepared for cyclists. Griffith Park has lots of tourists and people looking at things other than the road.

Of course, the ride to Beverly Hills was harrowing. Despite the sharrows on Fountain, drivers are aggressively hostile to cyclists. The streets between Santa Monica and Sunset in Beverly Hills are fine, but the police were out in force today, so it was ride a block, stop, clip out, clip back in, ride on. My chiropractor Dr. Staci is going to earn her keep Tuesday.

But Franklin is a joy. Some really steep inclines, some fun descents. The last climb outside of the park was interesting, since the road is missing – I think it’s about to be repaved. I didn’t want to wimp out on the climb, but I was dreading the descent, between the scarred remains of road and gravel.

Hello, Mulholland Drive!



Down wasn’t bad – and I didn’t lose part of my shifter, which happened the last time I took my old bike up there.

The reservoir is pretty, so I stopped to enjoy a bit of nature:




And then I zipped back down, up, down, up, down, into the city, and up the last few feet to get home. I probably should have done a little more from the park entrance to the exit while I was there to load up on elevation. It didn’t feel as if I’d climbed more than the previous days, but it did add more than Griffith or either run up Nichols.

68% complete. Need a big day tomorrow to finish the challenge.